Summer Cocktail Menu

Summer Breeze : With Maker’s Mark, orange liqueur and ginger ale. Garnished with an orange slice $11.00

Rose Gin and Tonic: With Bosford rose gin, muddled strawberries and tonic water. Garnished with a strawberry. $10.00

Cucumber Lemonade Vodka: With vodka, cucumbers and lemonade. Garnished with a lemon and cucumber ring. $10.00

Rosemary Greyhound: With vodka, rosemary infused simple syrup and grapefruit juice. Garnished with a sprig of rosemary. $12.00

Peach Cooler: With vodka or gin, peach puree, orange juice, topped off with Steigel Radler. Garnished with peach slice. $12.00

Strawberry Mojito: With white rum, mint leaves, simple syrup and soda water. Garnished with mint leaves. $12.00